Yes, you can have everything you want!

Think your dreams are out of reach? They aren't. You just weren't given the rules for how the universe works. Here's the missing manual.

Cover of the e-book, an intoduction to the Law of Attraction
Become a deliberate creator

Forget about luck, there's no such thing. It's YOU who are shaping your world, but you are doing it on autopilot. This book will help you understand just how much power you have and how to use it to your advantage.

You don't have to work harder

... you need to think smarter. Discover the real secret of successful people and apply it to yourself. You'll be blown away by the result.

Want a sneak peek?

The Law of Attraction, how does it work?

Get the Law of Attraction broken down into plain English - no fuzzy New Age lingo. If you're curious about how to manifest love, money and health, this book is packed with practical tips. But it's more than just a manifesting guide, it's a roadmap to self-love. You will learn how to LOVE yourself. Here's a little taste of what to expect:

Introduction to the universe

Quantum physicists have long established that everything in the universe is vibrating energy. But is there a simpler way to explain this, preferably with you as the star of the show? Absolutely. And if you've never been compared to a toaster before, brace yourself - it's about to happen.

The point of life and your role in it

What are we doing here? Is there a higher power guiding us? Do we have a destiny? And if so, can we influence it? Why do things happen the way they do? And how are we even able to perceive life? The explanation is as simple as it is ingenious.

LOA - your supplier of matching vibration

The law of gravity reigns supreme in the physical world. But what about energy that can't be perceived by our five senses? Does it also follow a law? Of course it does. And if you understand its nature, you are able to shape energy before it becomes physical.

Misunderstandings that delay your dream life

Why doesn't the Law of Attraction work? Should you phrase your desires more clearly? Or is it wrong to wish for money and a hotter body? Not at all! The only thing standing between you and your dreams are a few misconceptions. Sweep away your limiting beliefs and learn what "wishing" really means.

Mastering the Law of Attraction like a boss

The Law of Attraction is always at work, gathering all the components of your dreams. But what exactly should you do to realize them in your physical reality? Read on and learn how to sail smoothly through life, instead of constantly battling against the wind.

How long does it take to get what you want?

Patience is not a virtue, patience is something you need when your beliefs conflict with your desires. The path to your goal is created at the same moment you set the goal. This chapter explains how problems and solutions are interconnected and why time is not of the essence.

The art of enjoying life regardless of others

Is there a way to shield yourself from the horrors happening in the world? Yes, and it's much simpler than you think. This chapter introduces an insight that immunizes you against both worry and fear, transforming you into a selfish altruist in the process.

How to shift your point of attraction

You know that being optimistic is a good idea, but why are certain thoughts so hard to think? In this chapter, you'll receive a couple of excellent tips on how to stretch your thought patterns and establish a comfort zone at the top of the emotional pyramid, where all the goodies are.

Readers' success stories

My first LOA guides were published in a blog called Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses. Realizing we create our own reality inspired many, and the feedback from readers was just as interesting as the answers to their questions. Soon, the book Law of Attraction Help followed, as a way for newcomers to learn the basics.

A few months ago, I asked if the Law of Attraction could get my ex back. Now, I've got my answer: yes! Not only did it bring him back, but it also got us an apartment. We're moving in this Sunday. And there's a whole lot more! / Frida

I just have to share how incredibly everything has turned out. My mom has been declared completely healthy! My dad got his old job back, but with different tasks, and he's happier than ever! I got my ex back (the greatest love of my life), moved in with him (IN MY DREAM CITY), and landed my very first full-time job! All without lifting a finger. / Amanda

I've written before and have been a little frustrated and impatient about my job. But lately, I've managed to stay positive and just chill, shaking off all the dissatisfaction and boredom. I stopped pressuring myself to find something else to do, let my boss's crappy mood roll off my back and acted as my own boss for a while. There were days when it seemed like nothing was changing, but then a car with a "LOA" license plate appeared. A bit later when I was feeling doubtful again, another "LOA" car parked next to mine. This has happened with three different cars this fall! And you won't believe what happened next. They asked me to step in for my boss for 3.5 months while he's out sick. I'm becoming the CEO of the entire company!!! / GM

A while back, I was quite desperate and really wanted to meet a new guy. I searched high and low but nothing caught my eye. I didn't like this desperate version of myself, so I decided to just drop it (!) and sent out a wish to the universe about what I wanted in a guy. I imagined a kind, loving man, who would be artistic and/or musical, who I have lots in common with, and who can handle (or rather APPRECIATE) my somewhat blunt way of talking, etc. Then I let it go and didn't think more about finding a guy. Instead, I focused on myself and just having the best time possible. POOF! 1-2 weeks later, I met TWO guys who fit the description perfectly! One of them even has the same cool tattoos as the guys in my favorite movie, which I'd been thinking about just the week before... Coincidence? I think not! / Emma

Two weeks ago, I applied for a program that's highly sought-after and has very few spots. I felt like one of those spots was mine, so I wrote an admission letter and didn't think any more about it. Then, a small "complication" arose - the program turned out to be pricier than I had anticipated. So, I simply sent out a wish for the money to sort itself out. Yesterday, I found out I got into the program! Then, when I got home, there was a letter in the mailbox telling me about an unknown savings account that my great-grandmother had set up for me - with exactly the amount I needed, give or take a few bucks. Not only that, but she had also managed some funds for me which I now have access to, which means even more cash. So now, I'm happy, rich and chosen. / Emelie

This is insane. I'm a small business owner and have taken over the business after my sister fell ill. And of course, I've just tried to think positive thoughts and attract customers. I've told myself not to worry, the customers will come for sure. I set March 31st as a deadline, and until then, I wasn't allowed to worry about the lack of customers. Result: customers, customers, and more customers. And today, a production company called, wanting to make a documentary about my industry. They want to come and film this Thursday or Friday. It's going to be aired on Channel 4. How about that? / Margit

You were a huge help to me last fall. Or rather, you helped me help myself. I had an exam that I was super stressed about. All I could think was that I was going to fail. Later I actually got an email that said I had indeed failed, just 4 points short of passing. But once the news sank in, all the pressure (and negative thoughts) lifted, and I only felt happy and greatful that it was over... I silently wished that the teacher had made a mistake or would make an exception. Then, the night before the exam review, I had this vivid dream where the teacher had overlooked a 4-point question. What joy! And what disappointment when I woke up. I went to school anyway, and once there, I got my exam back. And guess what? The teacher had missed a whole question, worth 4 points. I went from failing to passing in an instant, just like in my dream! / Narcissa

I just wanted to drop a comment and thank you for everything I've learned. You made it clear that life is about feeling good, and during the spring when I was unemployed and other people were nagging me to "work hard" to get a job and claimed that "I can't turn down jobs just because they don't sound fun", I've just been chilling and thinking "that's your view on life, not mine" and let it pass. In March, I wrote a list of eight points on what is most important to me in a job, and yesterday they called from a place that matches ALL these points and asked me to start in three weeks, which of course suits me perfectly as I'll be away the week before! "Pure luck", some say. I just smile and shrug. I didn't break a sweat getting this job (unless you think chilling out is hard work). / Karin

LOL I've been dealing with a bank issue that's been a complete mess. I've made countless calls, waited for letters that have somehow gotten lost and so on. After the most recent call, they sent new paperwork which, to my dismay, meant I had to start from square one... answer new questions and send a new notarized statement. At first I was furious, then I decided to just forget about it. This morning, I firmly told myself that the lost paperwork would arrive today. While I was at it, I also wished that I'd get an offer that would really make my day. Then I let it go, went for a walk and had a fantastic morning. I just checked my mail and guess what I found. The letter with the bank papers, a letter that's been missing for a month and a half! And there's also another letter, offering an opportunity to launch my book abroad! I'm blown away. / Cecilia

I made a wish list, relaxed, and imagined feeling as great as I would if I were living my dream life. My wishes: earning $3,000 a month, meeting a kind, humble guy who was also a bit competitive and into health and sports, and getting to live in a white house with blue trim near water and nature. Then I let those thoughts go and went on with life. One day, I got a message on Facebook from a guy who was concerned about our mutual friend who hadn't been online for a while. As we talked, I realized he was everything I'd hoped for and more! We've been together for almost four months now. He lives in a small village in Norway, IN A WHITE HOUSE WITH BLUE TRIM, near a river with towering mountains all around. It's breathtakingly beautiful there! I'm moving, and since the pay is better in Norway, I'll be making a bit over $3,000. / Fredrika

I was working on my thesis when I got distracted by some family problems and had to stop. Since then, it's been hanging over me, nagging at my conscience. Recently, I sent out a wish about being able to do my thesis during paid working hours and that it would sort of "take care of itself". Now, a guy has reached out to the company I work for, wanting to write his thesis with us. The HR coordinator passed it on to me so that I could supervise him (!). So, I'll be writing the thesis together with him. This is pure genius! I work best with others (when it comes to stuff like this): wish granted! I don't have to bear the entire burden myself: wish granted! I get to complete my thesis so that I can graduate: wish granted! My goodness, this is so great that it can only have been made for ME, my awesome self! I'm on fire! / Emma

... there's another book!

Many of the readers' questions resulted in long and detailed responses that laid the foundation for a new book: #lawofattraction - Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses. In this sequel I explain how the universe works in an even clearer manner, using more concrete examples.

The book is a collection of the best blog posts on the subject. Additionally, it includes two never-before-published guides - one about my personal favorite way to shift beliefs, and one about what happens after death. Enjoy the read and have fun with your manifestations!

Cover of the e-book #lawofattraction - Life seen through rose-colored glasses. Attract love, money and health.

Peeking behind the curtain of reality

How did we end up here and what is the purpose of life? How can two people in the same geographical location at the same time experience completely different things? Why do we feel emotions? What language does the universe speak?

Wish lists - what they are and aren't

Why do they sometimes work and sometimes don't? Where are your goodies located and how can you attract them into your life more quickly? Is there a risk of making negative changes to your wish list if you're having a bad day? How do you know if you're truly ready for your dream life? Why does it feel like you're spinning your wheels?

Division of labor: you / the universe

How do you estimate the distance to your goals? What exactly does it take to reach them? When should you spring into action and when should you hold back? Is it possible to become complacent and bored if the Law of Attraction is doing its job too well?

The art of being a reality snob

Facts, truths, and other people - can you really get what you want despite these? Could subconscious thoughts throw a wrench in your plans? Can you erase unfavorable thought patterns? When should you "think positive" and when is it too late? Should you ignore your fear and do scary things anyway? What should you do in case of a disaster?

How to change a belief

What's the most effective way to dispel doubts and other mental resistance towards your goals? How do you focus and visualize without zoning out? What do you do when the Law of Attraction suddenly creates chaos in your life?

You & you - your most important relationship

What is a healthy self-esteem, and how can it be improved? How much does the approval of others matter? What if you don't feel appreciated and loved? Why is it ridiculous when someone asks you to be selfless? How much do social issues really impact your life? Who's right and who's wrong?

Can you be a spiritual materialist?

Money and stuff, if they don't bring happiness, why do they feel so good? Why does greed exist? What's the real cost of success? Should the Earth's resources be distributed equally among everyone? Can materialism and spirituality coexist? What / who is God? How do you get to paradise?

How to help others: the win-win way

How do you avoid getting dragged down by other people's problems? Is it okay to feel good when others are suffering? How do you help someone you care about? Are there enough resources for everyone? Does our planet need help? Can the Law of Attraction help us avoid natural disasters?

Illnesses - what they really are

Can you heal yourself? Should you take medication or not? How much stock should you put into a doctor's diagnosis? How is it possible to catch a disease you've never heard of? Why do we get sick in the first place? What do different diseases "mean"?

Life after life

What is death, really? Do you retain your personality? Who determines when you die? Why do young people and children die? Why do people die from accidents and diseases? Why would anyone choose to be born into a "challenging" environment? What's the advantage of not being dead?

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#lawofattraction - Life Seen Through Rose-Colored Glasses (58 pages)

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